Masculine November

November 12, 2013 § 5 Comments

Every year since 2004, the month of November holds month-long event involving the growing of mustaches as Movember to raise awareness of Men’s health issues.

Personally, I am not a fan of men with mustaches, simply because the men (boys would be more right) of my generation do not know how to keep one. Generally they try low maintenance beards or worse experiment with a goatee (and I can’t understand why?). The only man I adore with a mustache is my father which leads to what happened during this summer at home.

Papa has been always had a well-trimmed mustache and it suits his personality very well. I had never seen him without his mustache in my twenty-five years of existence. He is now in his late fifties and becoming a little lazy to die his hair (he is still young not to want white hair or until I get married). So what did he do? He shaved off his mustache! My mum had already told me about it but I couldn’t believe it. So, when I reached home the first thing I did was cry for Papa’s non-existent mustache. I told him to get it back or I won’t talk to him. I didn’t for almost two days and pestered him continuously for a whole month until I got used to his face sans mustache. He didn’t give in and I can’t even until now think of him without his mustache (I never will).

This weekend I went to a bar called Le Petit Joseph Dijon just across the metro Simplon of line 4 in the eighteenth district for a Swing concert. This place is celebrating Movember and Thomas from the bar had a real man’s mustache. I somehow managed to take his picture (it is real weird when you want to take a person’s photo without letting them know) but there are many more and much better on their Facebook page.

Un vrai moustache (A real moustache)

Un vrai moustache (A real moustache)

The band was a real delight for ears. They call themselves Swinguez Moustaches (and so more on mustache). Swing, Latin, Russian, Klezmer make the perfect recipe to make you tap and dance. I managed a few photos from the spot I occupied for the evening. The place got a little crowded as the band was awesome. I am definitely going to find more gigs of this band and visit the bar for their special cocktail Le Petit Joseph.

Here’s a video, I found on their YouTube channel, of a song they played during the evening. Great music!

A fun evening on Saturday charged me so much that I finally went to see Orsay Museum on Sunday morning.


When I came out of the museum there was already a queue of at least one kilometer, I felt proud of braving the early morning cold and thus avoiding such long queues. As always I used my preferred mode of transport, the bus. The sun shone brightly. I took a few photos to save the clear blue sky view even though I missed my bus and had to wait for twenty more minutes. It was worth the warm rare sun Parisians get.

Pont Notre Dame

Pont Notre Dame

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf

I am writing this post at the visa office waiting for twenty-six people before I get my renewed residence card. Even though I braved cold and drizzle this morning I have to spend more than an hour and I am using this time for summarizing my weekend.

Happy Movember!


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