Un soir du bonheur

November 20, 2013 § 3 Comments

I love my life! This was the phrase I kept repeating on Thursday evening in bed which explains the title of this post (an evening of happiness).

I have to thank Iva from IvaParis for organising the second Fashion Night at Les Nguyen (12 rue Saint-Paul Paris 4). Proudly sporting my IvaParis Ambassador badge I arrived at Saint-Paul to meet up with Missoco. Together we marched to the shop where we met Han Nguyen, the amazing person behind the French brand. The theme for the evening was how to stay feminine during winter and Han’s creations matched that perfectly.

The happy girl's accessory!

The happy girl’s accessory!

Han creates original dresses inspired from 30s and 50s with fitted waist and skirts just above the knees. These are perfect for working girls that do not shy away from feminine styles. I went in jeans and sneakers (and so for thinking before going out) as it was cold. What went on during that evening was a complete transformation. I was pampered and I loved it. Iva made us try a few clothes along with accessories. While giggling all the time we posed for photos. I felt like a princess (precisely Cinderella as I posed sans my sneakers) while trying out the beautiful dresses and learned a lot about what styles and cuts suit me well.

As an engineer I am mostly surrounded by men both at school and work. It is practical to wear jeans and pants and preferable to keep feminine dressing for parties. But I don’t like this practice, I love colors and dresses. European winter makes it difficult to be feminine in cold weather but Han’s creations are made from 100% natural fabrics like wool, cotton and bamboo each one for different weather. As I was busy being pampered during the evening, I didn’t take any photos. So, I am borrowing the photos from Iva’s interview with Han.

Pink is not my color but this is my favorite skirt!

Pink is not my color but this is my favorite skirt!

Iva is soon going to organise some workshops for personal styling. And if you like fun girly parties along with discovering the styles made for you, do not hesitate to register here.

Before wrapping up the night, Missoco and I went to the garden store Truffat (85 quai de la gare Paris 13) for some early Christmas shopping. The store was open from 8 pm well until 11 pm with some nice discounts, interesting workshops and free-flowing champagne (the reason behind my post party happiness). We parted as happy souls with some cute Christmas tree decorations. Une soirée inoubliable (an unforgettable evening)!

Christmas will be soon here!

Christmas will be soon here!


Fashion à la butte Montmartre

October 23, 2013 § 5 Comments

If I visit Montmartre one more time this month, I will file a petition at the Town Hall of eighteenth district asking them to adopt this sweet expatriate girl who can’t get enough of this Parisian village. This week-end I decided to breathe a little and not schedule lot of things. But I had to go out on Saturday evening, the reason being Iva from IvaParis.

Iva is a young entrepreneur who founded IvaParis in 2013, based on a simple observation, “It is not always easy to find clothes that fit us well while having a nice time shopping”. She chose to associate her name to the capital of fashion to offer a fresh vision of fashion. And the girl knows what she is doing.

I first met Iva during a Fashion Night, she organized on a very beautiful spring day in June. I was accompanied by a French friend Missoco (ironic that I call myself Mlle PoLiP while she prefers being a Miss) who already knew Iva. It was a fun night at Emé & Isa Galeries on a cool street named Rue Quincampoix, next to the Centre Pompidou (the modern contemporary arts museum). There were great clothes, shoes, funky accessories and champagne. Along with her dandy team of stylists she hosted an awesome fashion evening. There were not only heavy discounts on everything in the store but also a make-up artist and a hair stylist, could I ask for more? We had a gala time.

Post the late June party I have followed Iva’s blog religiously as her fashion tips are relevant and easy to follow for a dress-up débutante like me. After vacations she had posted an offer for a stroll with a stylist and I signed up immediately. My goal was to discover new shopping boutiques and quarters and consult Iva about colors and patterns that are often not found in regular shops. Iva gave the rendezvous time at 17h00 on Rue Abbesses. I arrived a little earlier and during the wait time I wrote a text reply to Missoco and just as I was about to hit send guess who appeared, Missoco! She calls me her twin, definitely not without a reason and to elaborate more I will need another post. Neither she, nor I had any idea that we had signed up with for the same event. It was a delightful surprise and we had loads of fun. We kick started the evening with some drinks and chatting (the French verb is “papoter” which I just adore) incessantly like girls always do. Another lovely girl joined us and then we started our Montmartre fashion stroll. Our Fashion guide was Iva and Missoco was our Montmartre guide, as she is one of those lucky people who have lived in that area.

We visited three different stores starting with Et Vous (And You, at 46 rue de Abesses Paris 18). This store had some beautiful patterns and a very good combination of colors as well as Paris (by that I mean Gray, Black and White). I liked the blue, orange and white dots pattern.

I like dots

Dots love me!

Next in line was Héroïnes (7 rue de Abbesses Paris 18), the shop for every girl’s dreams. The current collection is very feminine with red and blue as dominant colors. I loved a red dress with blue heart-shaped pockets (somebody tell jess from New Girl) and I was so excited that I didn’t take a photo, silly me!

A girl needs red and yeah some blue!

A girl needs red and yeah some blue!

The last shop we visited was homies (at 8 rue de Abbesses Paris 18). This store was pretty similar to Et Vous but I spotted this so in sheer blue shirt with golden motifs. Missoco also found a cute dress that she has promised to put on very soon.

Sheer gold!

Sheer gold!

We finished the evening by mounting the stairs up to Sacré-Cœur and relishing ourselves with the view of shining Eiffel Tower. A big thank you Iva, it was a wonderful girly evening with so much fashion to absorb. I am waiting for your upcoming events. All the best and loads of love and luck to IvaParis.

The post is not over yet, unless I mention a new discovery, an organic burger restaurant, BioBurger where I tasted the best vegetarian burger since a long time. It is not a vegetarian only restaurant but all the burgers on their menu are available in vegan format. Their restaurant in the ninth district is open through evening and has a casual but cool décor.

My Cheeseburger with salad and chocolate lava cake.

My Cheeseburger with salad and chocolate lava cake.

This was it, a much calmer October weekend. Autumn has started settling in, sky is Gray, and it rains often. Yet this week has had surprisingly pleasant temperatures allowing me to go out with my trench and be enamoured by Paris. I love good weather surprise and who doesn’t in Paris.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”- Coco Chanel

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